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The distance to the objective:  81.2 Km ( E79 )

Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa Colony, located in Sarmizegetusa village os on the list of national History monuments. The colony, the former capital or Roman Decia, was at the Retezat Mountain feet, in the South-West of  today’s Hațeg Region.The colony was created in the fisrt years after the conquest of Dacia, this moment being marked on the coins (sestertius) issued in Rome at the order of the Sennate, being dedicated to “the best princeps” Emperor Traian.The capital, of which territory used to cover all the region from Tibiscum to Micia, had a peaceful evolution, being guarded by the casters  Tibiscum, Voislova, Micia and Bumbești. The imperial road from the Danube to the North  used to pass through Ulpia Traiana to the Norhtern extremity of the Province, Porolissum. The antique city used to ocupy 32 ha of land surrounded by walls. In the heart of the city the two major roads used to intersect, cardo maxmus oriented North-South and decumanus maximus oriented East-West. In the overlapping point was the main public place – The Forum.



 Outside the walls of the city, on a large piece of land were the houses (villae), workshops, temples and other public or private constructions. Also, outside the walls of the city were the cemeteries (sepulcreta). The population could have been 25,000-30,000 people.The amphitheater is the most most impressive construction, being designed for 5,000 people. The Forum, with a monumental entrance, was the civic center and politico-administrative. It has a public market, a basilica, a Court, podium on which the judges used to stand, under which the prison was built. Thanks to the endeavors of the archeologists the constructions and facilities of Upia Traiana were found. They also disclosed numerous tools that are now in the museum close to the archaeological site.