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Relaxation and Tonification

When the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, or you are not in the mood for activities in the nature or treatments, Germisara Hotel offers you the following alternatives:

  • the fitness room
  • the pool
  • table games


In addition to the performance equipment in the gym, at request, the hotel can provide supervision offered by a qualified trainer.


The relaxation pool is located in a large area of the hotel and the environment is relaxing independent of the weather conditions. For those looking for relaxation in the thermal water pool, besides the comfortable water temperature you can benefit of the healing properties of the salts and minerals in the water.


Miracle of Nature

If the outdoor activities offers you relaxation, Geoagiu area is rich in spectacular places that worth being explored.


Below are some of our recommendations:

  • Măzii Gap – 10 Km
  • Ardeului Gap– 12 Km
  • Bacâiei Gap – 14 Km
  • Glodului Gap – 12 Km
  • Cigmaului Cave– 8 Km
  • Geoagiu – Băi Cave – 10 minutes


In addition to the recommended places, the general environment is a particularly calming one. Most of the routs are marked and they are provided with description bords disclosing general information about the route and area. for those who love extreme sports – alpinism, hiking, Mada region has a few average difficulty routs, routs with calcarous walls, partially equipped, just a few minutes riding from Hotel Germisara, close to Măzii Gap.



History Lessons

Less than 60 km from Germisara you can find Huedoara castle, also known as Corvin Castle, the medieval castle of Hunedoara, one of the most important gothic monuments in Romania. It is a monumental construction, provided with towers, bastions and donjon. The refurbished roofs are high and partially covered with polychrome tiles. The castle was mainly refurbished and transformed into museum.


The Castle was one of the greatest and most famous properties of Ioan de Hunedoara. The building suffered during his time major transformations, serving as a strategic fortress and a feudal residence in the same time.


The castle is opened for visitors and even rented for different events. The visiting program and fees can be find on the site.



From the archaeological point of view, Geoagiu place is known because of the old Dacian site Germisara (Germi – hot, Sara – spring) which used to cover the area of the present resort and which became within the Roman occupation Thermae Germisara or Germisara Cum Thermis.


Proofs regarding the Roman activities in this area are: the Romans road, the ruins of the thermae and the statues of Aesculap and Hygeea discovered in this region.The ruins of  Sarmizegetusa Regia are also in this region. The fortress on Grădiște Hill is the greatest of the Dacian fortresses.


On a top of a cliff, the fortress was the strategic center of the defensive Dacian system in Orăștie Mountains. Even closer to the hotel are the ruins of the Dacian fortresses Costești – Blidaru, also included in the world patrimony UNESCO.