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External cure (bath with thermo-mineral water in enclosed pool)


Medical water gym which has dramatic effects over the entire body: diminishes pain, relax the body, maintain or even excels the amplitude of movement, re-educate the muscles (improves strength and muscle tones, improves the muscle coordination and resistance). The therapeutic procedure is accomplished according to the physician’s recommendation. 


This therapy by moving actions is suitable for many applications in all departments of recovery, being indispensable for medical recovery, psychic re-adaption, professional re-education and social re-adaption recommended in affections of: spine, orthopedic, rheumatic (arthrosis, arthritis), neurologic (paresis and paralysis), cardiac (acute myocardial infarction, metabolic and endocrin system (obesity) and breathing problems.

Dynamic Current

Main effects: analgetic, hyperaemic and miorelaxing. It is recommended in affections of the locomotion system, post-trauma, rheumatism,  blood circulation affections. 

Trabert Current

Low frequency flows with hyperaemic and analgetic effect. 

Interferential Current

Stimulates the bones muscles, hypo-toned muscles, analgetic effect which stimulates the flow of blood in the veins with hyperaemic effect.

Short Waves

Visibly stimulates the blood circulation, sedative effects, increase the excitability, decrease the muscle tones, alalgetic and mio-relaxing.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

It applies in many articulation inflammations, radiculitis, muscle and ligaments traumas. Effect analgetic, miorelaxing, hyperaemic.


Mainly catabolic effect, increases the bio-electrical muscle activity. It has sedative effects.

Paraffin Packing

Paraffin packing applies in any affection except for very severe stages, but not more than one packing per day.

Partial or Complete Medical Massage

Decontracts the muscles, tonic effect, unblock the motion centers in the brain, increase the blood fluidity, accelerates the circulation. 


Among the constant effects: anti-inflammatory effect, diminishes the pain, strenghthen the immune system by biostimulation, increases the protein synthesis, diminishes edema, stimulates neovascularisation and heals the scars. 

Foot Massage

It is the most efficient and widely used massage, it is a special massage technique mainly based on the reflexive points located in the foot in order to stimulate different organs.

Galvanic Bath

Combines the continuous flow action and neofaradic action with the thermic effect of water. The galvanic bath may be used in the therapy of pain, nevralgies, arthralgias myalgias, pharesys, vein deficiencies, arthritis. The minimum time period for a bath is between 15-20 minutes and the temperature is          37-39° C.

Aerosols with Salted Water

Decongestionate, anti-inflammatory, anti-alergic, anti-septic; repairs the lubricant layer which normally covers the breathing system. 

Hydromassage or Underwater Shower

It is relaxing, comforting, tonic and induces welfare state. 

Tens Current

Improves pain with effects related to the electrical nervous stimulation.

Laser MLS

This type of equipment is provided with a lase head which moves according to the scanning programme and a manually operated laser sound. The emission of the laser heads is MLS type (close circuit multiple waves). Laser MLS treatment can be used independently or associated with traditional therapies and it is recommended in the following fields: physiotherapy, analgesic therapy, rheumatology, sport medicine, orthopaedy, traumatology, dermatology, geriatrics. It is not recommended to treat patients with cardiac stimulators, pregnant women or epileptics.