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Website content. The permission to use the site is given by the owner of Germisara Hotel subject to observing the following conditions:

a) The site is exclusively used for personal and non-commercial purpose;
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c) The user permanently observes all the conditions. The use  of the wording, images and materials in this site in other than non-commercial or as specified purposes  without the written agreement of Hotel Germisara SRL is completely forbidden, all these being protected according to the provisions of  copyright law.

Booking policy. In order to book rooms, please fill in the form on the website (www.hotelgermisara.ro) or dial the following telephone numbers : + 40 – (0) 372-54-1000, + 40 – (0) 254-249-000. To confirm the booking, an advance payment is requested in accordance with the value of the  services.

Fees. All disclosed fees include VAT  are expressed in EUR and shall be paid in RON at BNR (National Bank of Romania) exchange rate for the date of invoice.

Cancellation of booking. Any booking cancellation shall be transmitted in written form at the hotel reception or the following e-mail address:: rezervări@hotelgermisara.ro or by  fax +40(0)- 254-249-100, in the following conditions:
*Penalty 30% of the service package value if the cancellation is requested more than 30 calendar days prior to the arriving date.
**Penalty 60% of the service package value if the cancellation is requested  within 16-29 days prior to the first day of accommodation.
***Penalty 100% of the service package value if the cancellation is requested  within an interval shorter than 16 days prior to the first day of accommodation or if the person does not show up at the reception on the check in date.
****For booking requested less than 5 days prior to the first accommodation day, the penalty is 100% of the value of requested services.

Check-in and check-out. Check-in is available after 2.00 p.m. Check-out shall be done before 12.00 a.m.  For early check-in or late check out at the client’s request, the following fees shall be paid:  for check-out until 6.00 p.m. the fee is 50% of the accommodation fee/night, for checking-out later than 6 p.m., one should pay the integral fee per night of accommodation; The guests checking-out at 12.00 a.m. can leave the luggage in the luggage room in the reception area until 6 p.m. without additional costs. For luggage left in the luggage room more than 24 hours additional deposit fees shall be paid. In case the luggage is still in the room after checking-out, the guests will pay an additional fee for using the room according to the above mentioned fees. The requests of the clients shall be clarified with the personnel and honored only if the hotel does not have firm confirmation for those accommodation units and within the availability limit. Children between  0-7 years old inclusively, benefit of free accommodation and breakfast if accompanied by parents. For children between 7-14 years old( exclusively) accommodated with parents an additional fee for child shall be charged, without offering an extra bed for the child. Please request an extra bed for the child between 0-7 years old in order to honor your request if available. In a hotel room maximum 2 adults and one child can be accommodated. In a hotel apartment, maximum 2 adults and 2 children can be accommodated, for kids between 0-7  are accommodated for free is accompanied by parents or tutors, and kids between 7-14 (exclusively) shall pay an additional fee for the kid “kid supplement”. Children who turned 14 shall be charged as adults. For additional requests during your stay one can use the following sign “DO NOT DISTURB!”; with your permission the personnel will enter into the room between 8.00 and 15.00 in order to check the utilities and if the room needs cleaning, the client will announce the reception the convenient hour for cleaning the room, using the sign “PLEASE CLEAN MY ROOM!”.

Outfit. Dear customers,  Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA does not have a certain outfit code, but we recommend decency and respect for the other customers and personnel. People wearing wardrobe, bathing suit, shorts, undervests and slippers in the restaurant, terrace and reception area. In the room, the customers have wardrobe, towels and slippers (in case you forgot them). The access in the wellness and spa area is allowed only with bathing suit, clean slippers, towel, wardrobe and swimming cap. Shower is mandatory before and after bathing in the pools or saunas. Persons suffering of dermatological or infectious diseases  are not allowed in the wellness and spa area. Also, children under 18 are not allowed in these areas without adults accompanying them. Parents are responsible for the actions and security of children. Before entering wellness procedures shower is mandatory. Also the outfit shall be wardrobe, bathing suit, swimming cap (for hydro-kinetotherapy, pools and pool procedures) and slippers.

Food serving. Food and drinks shall not be taken out of the restaurant, even if the customer intends to keep them in the room. Food served in restaurant shall only be consumed in the restaurant. If you desire to be served in the the room, please contact Room Service.

Breakfast. Breakfast shall be served as buffet. The type of food for breakfast: hot or cold collations, cereals, milk, coffee, juice, tea. Breakfast is served between 8:00 and 10:30.

Demi-pension. For this type of offer, the included meals are breakfast (buffet) and dinner (plate served). Dinner is pre-established menu: hot/cold collation, main dish, dessert, bread. We offer the possibility to serve the pre-established menus for diet (diabetes, salt restriction). Menu is displayed every morning for the day. Serving time is between  18:00 – 21:30 (Sunday-Thursday), respectively  18:00 – 21:30 (Friday-Saturday).

Room and board. For this type of offer, the included meals are: breakfast (buffet), lunch (plate served) and dinner (plate served). Lunch is pre-established menu and it is: soup/pottage, main dish, dessert, bread. Serving time for lunch is between  13:00 – 16:00. Dinner is pre-established menu: hot/cold collation, main dish, dessert, bread. We offer the possibility to serve the pre-established menus for diet (diabetes, salt restriction). Menu is displayed every morning for the day. Serving time is between  18:00 – 21:30 (Sunday-Thursday), respectively  18:00 – 21:30 (Friday-Saturday).

Smoking. Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA does not offer room for smokers. If the interdiction regarding smoking is the room is not observed, an additional charge for sanitation shall be paid. Smoking is not allowed within Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA. Smoking is permitted only in the designated areas.

Pets. The general rule states that accommodation is not allowed for people accompanied by animals or birds. Animals and birds (pets) are not allowed in the restaurant, spa center, treatment are and the conference area.

Parking area and cars. Parking is allowed within the hotel perimeter, on the specially marked areas. The parking areas are video controlled. Although we take all the measures to avoid unpleasant situations, please do not leave objects with high value or important documents in the car. If you still decide to do it, it is your responsibility.

Personal objects and values. Access in the hotel room Hotel Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA is provided with authorized electronic systems.  Rooms are provided with safety-box with access code. We recommend customers to use the safety-boxes available in the rooms and the safety deposit room within the reception area in order to deposit valuable items. We shall not be responsible for the forgotten, lost or presumably stolen objects within  Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA

Alcoholic drinks. It is strictly forbidden to bring and consume  in Germisara restaurant alcoholic drinks from outside the hotel. Also, Germisara restaurant reserves its right to deny serving drunk customers or customers who consumed large alcohol quantities and become pertinacious. Alcoholic drinks shall not introduced or served in the spa center or the treatment area. Drunk customers are not allowed for procedures in the treatment area.

Payment methods. Accepted cards for payment are Visa, Mastercard and Maestro. Cash payment is accepted in the national currency within the legal terms or by bank transfer. In this case, please show the reception the payment order authorized by the bank. Invoice shall be paid on issuance.

Tips and costs of services. Tips for the hotel personnel are at the customers’ consideration and we shall not charge extra costs for services.

Environment protection policy. Environment protection means to us a permanent concern, thus we promote a responsible attitude regarding this aspect. We use bio-degradable detergents for cleaning the laundry, towels, tablecloth and wardrobes and careful use of detergents means a better environment protection. Towels and laundry is replaced once in two days, wardrobes – once in three days or at clients’ request. If you wish for your laundry or towels to be replaced, please leave them on the floor or in the bathtub.

Disputes and complaints. Any complaint regarding services shall be in addressed in written form at the hotel reception or the secretary. Any dispute or complaint derriving from applying these terms and conditions shall be amicably solved. If it is not possible, the complaint shall be addressed to the competent courts within SC Complex Hotelier Germisara SRL registered address.

Final clauses: We consider all the customers when accommodated or accessing one of Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA services (hotel rooms, restaurant, bar, conference rooms, SPA) are aware of the above mentioned terms and conditions and accept them.

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