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Presently, the Wellness & Spa center within Germisara Hotel Resort & Spa 4**** offers services of wellness and beauty:

• therapeutic massage;
• relaxation massage which aims to eliminate tiredness, relax and generate a good mood, being extremely efficient in case of severe tiredness;
• reflexology massage which fights against the causes of cellulitis and in the meantime it ameliorates constipation, unblock the kidney system and regulates the endocrine functions.

The beauty procedures by warm packing detoxify, exfoliate, feed and relax skin, in the meantime eliminating the orange peel aspect of cellulitis because of the rich content of active ingredients for lipolysis and tissue regeneration. For those who prefer cold packing, this procedure has refreshing effect producing an important activation of peripheral circulation, thus allowing toxic substances to be eliminated, and the tissues to be better oxygenated and fed.

Spirulina treatment for cleavage and bust and other types of massages and beauty procedures must be completed with daily massage with specific products and  salons treatments and also with healthy habits (physical training, healthy food, etc)


Here one can use the dry or wet sauna, the wet sauna being recommended for those who prefer really hot atmosphere, sweating being the only possibility for cooling. Infrared radiation sauna is useful also as a medical therapy for improving rheumatism, muscle contractions, pains or discomfort.

The main treatment profile of the resort is represented by the locomotive affections of rheumatic nature, neurologic and post-traumatic as: spondylosis cervicalis-lombaire, arthrosis of arms and legs, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, periarthritis, post-fractures of members without functional problems, easy paresis of peripheral nervs, long time paresis and poliomyelitis affections; and certain endocrine affections, nutrition and metabolism affections, asthenic neurosis, etc.

The curative treatments are for affections in incipient stages or compensated (by medication treatment or orthopedic) in order to prevent the evolution of the affection and to prevent relapse.

 Prophylactic treatment for healthy persons or with predisposition to different affections: spine deviation, deviation of legs, hyper-laxity and instability of ligaments and articulations, sedentary, obesity, weather-sensitivity, hyperactivity.