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Consists of modeling with grapes oil easily warmed, scrubbing and massage with algae gel. The procedure offers a maximum lymphatic drainage and eliminated toxins, relaunching the cellular metabolism and  strengthening the cells’ walls, improving skin’s elasticity. 

Anti Cellulitis Procedures

Includes a modelling with grape oil and a massage with coffee gel. The anti cellulitic cure is actually an anti cellulitic massage with pure gape oil and algae. This massage absolutely indispensable when fighting against cellulitis is done with special coffee gel which eliminates water and fat from tissues. 

Intensive Anti-cellulitis Program

Includes modeling with warm grape oil, the effective massage with algae gel and packing with coffee gel. It represents a indispensable association of energizing massage and packing with active reducers from caffein.

Slimming Anti-cellulitis Massage

Includes modeling with grape oil and massage with algae gel. This represents a lymphatic drainage with gels suitable for anti-cellulite procedures, a rhythmic and slow massage with perfect pressure  in order to stimulate the entire lymphatic system and for cells detoxification.


Includes modeling with warm grape oil, massage with fat-reduction coffee and algae cream and packing with thermo-cover with coffee or kiwi gel. Thermo-reduction is a detoxification treatment and fast loosing weight by applying anti-cellulitis products or special gels under the thermo-cover.


Is a special mix made of see mud, paraffin, mineral slat which improves the skin’s elasticity and caffein. Parafango treatment detoxicate, exfoliates, feeds and relax the skin. When the toxins are eliminated, the skins remains soft and delicate.

Paragil Body Wrap

Green clay contains silicon, alumina, magnezium, calcium. Clay has spectacular effects, activating both circulation of fluids in the body, blood and lymphatic, reduces cellulitis, it makes skin more elastic and firm, eliminates retention of fluids.

Thermo-active packing with chocolate cream or fat reducing moisturizer

Packings with these moisturizers force the elimination of toxins by intensive sweating, fat burning, elimination of water, elimination of cellulitis, making skin more elastic, firm, diminishing the aspect of cellulitis and ameliorating the vergetures.

Firming Treatment with Spirulina for Cleavage and Bust

Spirulina packing aims to ensure firmness for cleavage and bust. This treatment stimulates cellular metabolism, strengthen the tissues, confers tone and a firm and toned skin. The procedure consists of modelling with grape oil followed by scrubbing with algae and aloe vera. After these stages, the spirulina mask is applied for 20 minutes. The procedures ends with the final modelling.

Silky Skin

Includes modeling with warm grape oil, gommage with grape body polish, coffee and orange. Silky skin is an indispensable gommage once a month as a skin treatment, ideal for a healthy glow.

Chiocofango Body Wrap

Its active ingredients from chocolate with antioxidant effects (contains polyphenols from vitamin E hydrates and regenerates the skin. Also, it stimulates the production of endorphins which offers a nice welfare state. Such a treatment intensify the circulation in the skin, thus improving the skin’s elasticity, existing vergetures and prevents new vergetures. Chocofango is an excellent treatment against stress. If treatment is associated with a balanced diet, one can loose between 3-9 cm in circumference. The treatment has to be repeated intensively 3 times a week in order to benefit of spectacular results.

Silhouette – Intensive Slimming Treatment with Coffee and Algae or Chocolate

It consists of a modeling massage with grapes oil easily warmed, scrubbing and massage with algae gel, massage with thermic gel made of coffee and algae and wrapping up with coffee or chocolate gel. This treatment helps eliminating water from the body and transforms fat into energy.

Relaxing or Tonifying Massage with Kiwi

Includes a modelling with grape oil and a massage with lipo reduction cream and the relaxing or tonifying massage with kiwi gel. The massage is a privileged moment, an anti-age treatment, a true experience for health improvement thus discovering what welfare and relaxation means.

Wine-therapy • Chocotherapy

Includes modeling with warm grape oil, gommage with grape or coffee body polish, wrapping up with grape or chocolate foam.The procedure ends up with a shower and modeling with warm grape oil. These complex treatments helps revitalization, skin tonification, body shaping and relaxation.

Reflexology Massage

It improves:
•skin texture by hydration and smoothing, massive skin exfoliation, activation of peripheral blood circulation 
•muscles by deep decontraction, tonification, massive lactic acid
•nervous system by unblocking locomotive centers in the brain 
•blood and lymphatic system by blood fluidity, acceleration of circulation, elimination of toxins, lymphatic drainage

Relaxing Massage

The relaxing massage is the massage of the entire body, with the purpose of eliminating stress, relaxing the muscles, stimulating the blood circulation and eliminating toxins.

Baths with Salt and Aromatic Oils

It has myorelaxant, antialgic and decontracting, sedative, hypotensive anti-inflammatory effects. 

Facial Massage

This type of massage helps improving the facile wrinkles and confers firmness to the skin texture by stimulating circulation. This procedure brings quality blood (enriched with nutritive elements) on the skin level, stimulating the cellular regeneration. In the meantime, it strengthen the face muscles, reduces tension and gives skin luminosity. We recommend facial massage with jojoba oil, avocado oil and relaxing massage with white chocolate.


The procedure: special toning massage with kiwi gel which hydrates and protects the skin and makes it more elastic.