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Curative Treatments

It is helpful for incipient affections or affections compensated with orthopedic or medicamentary treatment in order to prevent the evolution of the affections to more advanced stages or in order to prevent relapses.

Prophylactic Treatments

For healthy persons or with predisposition to certain affections:
deviation of spine, of legs, hyper-laxity and ligaments and articular muscles hypersensitivity,  sedentary, obesity, weather-sensitivity, nervous hyperactivity. 

Treatment of associated affections

Some endocrinological affections, metabolism and nutrition, asthenic neurosis.
Affections of the locomotor system of rheumatic nature, post-traumatic and neurological: spondylosis cervicalis-lombaire, arthrosis of arms and legs, coxarthrosis, gonarthrosis, periarthritis, post-fractures of members without functional problems, easy paresis of peripheral nervs, long time paresis and poliomyelitis affections. 

Contraindications for Balneary Phyisiotherapheutical Treatment

Different affections that are not suitable for this type of treatment:

Cardiovascular Causes:

Myocardiac infartion with complications, essential HTA with complications, cardiac deficiency, arteriopathies in severe stages, artherosclerosis in severe stages with neuro-psychical affections,  cerebral trombosis accidents, veins deficiencies in severe stages, post-hemorrhagic hemiparesis by atherosclerosis with diffuse lesions, pace-maker owners.

Dermatological Venereal and Infectious Causes

Acute infectious-contagious affections, venereal affections.

Traumatologic-Orthopedic Causes:

Spine fractures less than 3 months, vices of consolidation after post-traumatic affections.

Gynecologic Causes:

Acute affections, uterus fibroma, pre-cancerous state.

Breathing Causes:

Tuberculosis and all forms of lungs TBC.

Inflamation Causes:

 Ulcero-hemorrhagic rectocolitis, peristant chronical hepatitis.

Other Causes:

Pregnancy and breastfeeding period, nutrition affections, advanced diabetes, gout with kidney problems, neurological acute affections, drug addicted, psychopathies, epilepsy, chronic alcoholism, dudenal or gastric ulcer burst, repeated bleeding of all sorts, maligne tumors.

The physicians in  GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA **** treats a large variety of affections:

  • rheumatic affections 
  • degenerative affections
  • inflammations
  • abarticular affections
  • post-traumatic affections
  • affections of the pheripheral nervous system 
  • asthenic neurosis
  • professional affections

General Contraindications

Treatments offered by GERMISARA Hotel Resort & SPA **** are not suitable for persons suffering of:

 acute febrile illness

  • decompensated cardiac deficiency 
  • myocardial infarction
  • epilepsy
  • neoplasm
  • acute febrile affections and chronic affections 
  • infectious and venereal affections in contagious stages 
  • owners of pathogen germs or infections with parasitosis 
  • maligne tumors no matter the localization or stage  
  • repeated bleeding
  • blood affections which alters the general health condition 
  • pregnancy more than 12 weeks
  • psychopathies with behaviour problems  
  • chronic alcoholism 
  • decompensated diabetes
  • dermatological affections with contagiousness potential or with unaesthetic scars .