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The antique place Germisara is located in a depression area in the South of the Metalliferous Mountains, close to the Mureș terraces, being well-known because of the curative properties of the thermal waters. The name of the place has a Getae-Thracian origin, indicating the usage of baths before the Romans came here. 

Germisara had during the antique period the military fortress with cabanae and thermae. The fortress accommodated the military unit Numerus Singulariorum Britannicorum which used to defend the roads that linked Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusaand Micia of Apulum, ensuring the protection of the territory. In the area “Dâmbul Romanilor”(the Romans Slope) the thermal complex was identified and researched. In travertine and calcareous area with a circular shape 90-95 m diameter the thermae were discovered. In the Roman period, the complex had two functioning periods : one exclusively on surface and the other on the surface and subsurface.




In the center of the area was a natural cavity, the result of the subsurface thermal water activity, which, in the antique period, was full of thermal water. The Romans built a system of water directing channels from the source to the tanks dug in the ground and lined with wooden boards, in the middle of the area or close to it, From this moment onwards, “the lake” becomes another cult place. Here, the archeologists found bronze and silver coins and eight gold votive boards dedicated to the thermal water and cure Goddesses. A statue of Goddess Diana and votive altars were built around the cavity and in the sacral area.

After a few water fluctuations in the cavity, the water stabilized itself at approx. 2 m under the initial level. The activity of the complex continued because of the curative properties of the thermal waters and the picturesque view.