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Distance to the objective:  36,4 Km ( DJ705A )

Costești Borough was built on Cetățuia hill, the borough dominating and surveying a large area at the bottom of the hill, on the left side of Apa Orașului river. Its strategic importance is a special one: the control of borough opened the road to Sarmizegetusa. Being part of a complex defensive system, Costești borough built at the end of II century and the beginning of the I century B.C., is the the oldest of the Dacian fortification in Orăștie Mountains. Along the history, the borough will be reinforced and refurbished.The top of the hill was arranged by the Dacian builders in terraces, thus resulting an ellipsoid shape on which they placed defensive elements:e entrenchments and retaining walls reinforced with palisades, stone walls with surveying towels at extremities. Inside the borough, climbing a monumental stair sided by a wall, one can reach a platform and one of the residential towers.



The tower is made of stone at the ground level and square or rectangular bricks at the upper parts. Another stair leaded to a second residential tower, The two towers are placed at the North and South extremities of the platform, between them and the top existing a surveying tower. Other two isolated towers used to watch over the access road and over the great sanctuary. The four sanctuaries were rectangular with calcareous drums and wooden columns. The two water tanks discovered, very important for the surviving of the people, were located one inside the fortified area and the other one outside. Costești borough is an important objective for the history of the Dacians, being the first borough built according to a planimetry and a new Hellenistic technique, also maintaining the old style fortification elements.