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Distance to the objective: 94.2 km (E79)

 Bănița, the Dacian borough was built on the top of “Piatra Cetății” hill or “Bolii Hill”, which is located in the Western limit of Jiului hill (altitude 904 m). The hill, surrounded on three sides by the waters of Bănița river, naturally offers defensive possibilities, the access being possible only on the North side, where we find the fortification elements characteristic for the Dacian times. The very sloppy hills and the existence of reduced plane surfaces determined the builders to accomplish vast leveling works and to design an original defensive system: inside walls, towers and platforms for body to body fight. The entrance in the borough is on the North-East side m being marked by a gate and a monumental stair 4.5 m long. The stair is made of calcareous rock and is enclosed by andesite walls, as handrails.




Inside the borough, the defensive space is planned on three leveled terraces of different sizes. Excess water is drain by two channels cut in stone on the West and South side of the borough. The way to the top of the hill is controlled by a defensive tower and in the North-East side a fight platform was leveled. Bănița borough presents a series of particularities  mainly due to the natural environment. An alignment type sanctuary was discovered outside the fortification area, on the North slope of the hill. When Bănița borough was conquered by the Romans, it allowed the Roman army to advance on the way to the capital of the realm, Sarmizegetusa Regia.