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The distance to the objective: 36.4 km (DJ705A)

The Dacian borough Costești – Blidaru with pure military purpose, is the most important borough in the area, buing built in two stages. Located on a hill (705 m altitude) with view to the Mureș river and Sarmizegetusa Regia, it used to control the antique access road to the capital. At East and North-East of Blidaru borough were three surveying towers, while other towers used to watch over the surroundings.The first enclosure, the one on the East side, was a quadrangle with four towers at corners. Through the tower in the South-West side was the access to the secondary entrance. The building techique is the one called murus Dacicus. The borough was built by local and Greek builders.




South half of the platform, inside the borough, a residential square tower was built and in the South-West slope an isolated tower. In the second stage the borough comprised a large area which, among others, included the first enclosure. The entrance gate was located on the East side, being surrounded by two short walls. On the North and West side of the borough, on the interior side of the walls, they built enclosures which served as storage for cereals, the upper floor was actually a platform for military equipment. Water supply was done through a tank in the North West side, outside the walls of the borugh. The sanctuaries were also located outside the fortified area, in a place called “Pietroasa lui Solomon”.