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Spoil Your Senses

Wellness and SPA means a new approach of balneary – climatic treatment. We successfully combine the benefits of traditional treatments with the most recent SPAtechniques and therapies. Our specialists will make sure you feel great by personalizing the therapies according to your needs. We use only professional products which offers the guarantee of the procedures’ efficiency. 

The SPA Center within Germisara Hotel is irresistible because of its oasis of health. The therapeutic qualities of the mineral-thermal waters are known since the Dacian period, hence the name of the place Germisara. 

After colonisation, the Romans build the thermae, finding a rudimentary solution for water exploitation – by collecting the water by terracota pipes and by the beginning of the XX century the first balneary facilities were built. 

Germisara Hotel Resort & Spa**** continues this tradition. The Wellness center is a spring of vitality and it defines a new lifestyle.

Relaxation, recharging with energy and delight for your body and soul. 

Provided with a pool with hydormassage, saunas, aromotherapy and a large variety of massages and packings the Wellness center of Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA is designed for those who believe that not only the health of the body is important, but the health of soul as well.


The effects of these therapies bring the modern individuals simple joy and pleasure, by reconnecting the entire human-being with the natural environment.

The modern equipment, Enraf Nonius, the irreproachable services offered by the qualified personnel make Germisara Hotel Resort & SPA a piece of Heaven, the place of body resurrection.

The massage offers you privileged moments, being a voyage inspired by  your mind and body mood, an authentic experience in discovering the welfare and relaxation. The slimming and toning procedures helps eliminating the toxins thus modeling your body and fast loosing weight , by applying special gels and moisturizers.   The packings help revitalizing your body, being ideal for regaining beauty,muscle  tone and general health. 


Wellness & Spa Fees

The fees for the Wellness & SPA center are available at the reception. 
*The treatment procedures shall be applied only after the physicians’ specialized examination.
*Wellness and spa procedures are scheduled according to availability.