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The distance to the objective is 94.2 km (E7)

Situated in the East side of Pleșa Ardeului Peak, Cibului Gap are 1.4 km long, downstream Cib village. The lapies in the Ceretului Rock and the South side of Vânătarea Peak are truelly immpressive because of their location and variety of getetic types. The declivitous of the Middle Rock and The Craw Rock dominates the region with authority. 


From Mureș couloir the access to the gap is facile. The starting point is the Railwaystation Geoagiu (road E60 passing really close to this station)> From here to Băcâia (actually the bottling plant) on a distance of 18 km, the road is asphalted road. Further, a back road goes streight to the gap (about 4 km). The second access road goes from km 6 of unfurbished Zlatna – Almașu Mare road, to the Plai Cross and gos downhill the Cibului valley to the gap ( 1 hour  and 15 minutes walk).