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Reservation of Turs


With a total size of 40 ha, close to the city of Hateg, Slivut forest represents a natural ecosystem, the remains of very vast oak forests which were cut off because of the developemnt of the agricultural activities specific in the hill areas, on the edge of Hateg creep. Since 1958 this forest was transformed in a  turs reservation. Nowadays, the Forest Department in Deva through Hateg Forest Office is the administrator of the reservation.

3 km away from the city, the reservation in Slivuț forest is proud to be the first place in Romania where the European tur showed up.This happened in the autumn of 1958, when a pair of turs – Podarec and Polonka – was brought from Poland. % years later, another tur   was brought from Poland, Pumila. 




These bred so that in 1979 in Slivuț reservation a number of 12 turs was registered. The turs born in Romania were named starting with the letter “R” . As time went by, some of the turs born in Hațeg (a total of 47 baby turs) went to different zoo centers in Romania or plaes where latter other turs reservations were formed – Vânători Neamț and Neagra Bucșani. 

The turs reservation Hațeg- Slivuț covers 50 ha of forest. Now, there are about 3000 turs in the entire world, all of them being the descendants of only 12 great grandfathers.