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St. Nicolas Church is a church in Densuș village, Hunedoara County, one of the oldest Byzantine churches in Romania, built in the XIII century. Since 1991 is proposed for the UNESCO patrimony. Nicolae Iorga deemed the church “ unique in the entire Romanian society”. St. Nicolas Church is a church in Densuș was built on the ruins of an antique building (IV century). Square shaped (about 6X6 m) the body of the church is pierced by a tower around which we find a narrow space covered by a supporting arch. 

On the East side there is a deep semicircular apse, on the inside and outside, which is provided with an impressive Diaconicon on the South side.  The roof of the entire building is made of stone boards. The attached enclosures were built in the XIV-XV centuries. The building is made of Roman stones brought from the ruins of Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa. The church looks strange with no stylistic  elements of the late Romantic period. The wall painting fragments from 1443 is the work of a artists team under the coordination of Stefan.